Role playing, simplified

Eppx is a new kind of tabletop role playing game (RPG)

The best RPGs tell a collaborative story and the rules only exist to serve the story – they can make it more engaging and fun as the players have a better understanding of what to expect. Most RPG systems do this by trying to balance simplicity with accuracy and the players must know the rules (and exceptions) to have a good expectation. However, Eppx manages the technical details for you which allows the rules to be trivial to use, complex yet intuitive. It streamlines conflict resolution and lets you get on with the story!

Eppx is a rule platform, an app and a service for building RPGs. The system is streamlined to make algorithmic computations easy and keeping the burden away from the players. Atop this platform sits the RPG systems. Different systems are available to play in many different genres and you can build your own.

You can choose to use the Eppx Default Fantasy module and play right now, you can add or replace this module with other available modules. Many other systems require you to purchase and read through rule books, but that’s not necessary with Eppx. Once you understand a few of the core concepts, you’re ready to run your adventure!

Now that you have built your world, you can create a campaign within it and invite your friends to create characters. Character generation is fast and easy, yet full of depth as the app helps you craft each character’s back story. As each player guides their character through the world, the character learns new skills and abilities to match how the player is playing them.

The Game Master has total control of the campaign and can override any rule or result in the game

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